Brambila LLC offers many different softwares, courses and even live trainings to our students each of which have their own refund policies.
Some purchases (such as our live trainings) come with a NO REFUND policy given the amount of time energy and skills that go into creating and hosting the live event. Other products carry a 30 day or 60 day money back guarantee.
Any product sold by or on behalf of Brambila LLC will have CLEARLY on any sales material the refund policy along with a link to this page prior to purchasing. All order forms and checkout forms will also clearly indicate our refund policies and link to this page here for further reference.
Below are listed the current offerings from Brambila LLC along with their respective refund period:
Search Engine Conquest: 

Search Engine Conquest has 3 packages. Search Engine Conquest package #1 which is just for the course has a 30 day money back guarantee providing the following information to show proof that the student followed through with the course in attempting to make it work. We do not offer refunds based on students lack of follow through after the purchase. 

Please show the following work from a campaign you tried to launch:

1. Google Trends/Keyword Planner Research
2. Testing Calculator Numbers (did the numbers work?)
3. Campaign Set Up (Ads, Landing Page, Campaign Settings, Search Terms)
4. 100 QC Test
5. Analytics synced to AdWords Data

Please answer the following questions:

1. Did you attend the livestreams or watch recordings?
2. Did you go through the step by step testing method of researching?
3. How many times did you use the testing calculator?
4. How many campaigns did you launch?
5. How many 100QC Tests did you create?
6. What was your total budget for ads?

The founder Adrian Brambila will personally review these answers to determine if the refund is legitimate and that the student took the necessary steps and effort to try follow through with the at least the bare minimum steps of the course.

Search Engine Conquest packages #2 & #3 contain 6 live trainings and a 60 day master plan, an accountability partner, one on one email support for the first 60 days and for these reasons of dedicated personal 1 on 1 time from the coach Adrian Brambila are NOT refundable. All sales of Search Engine Conquest packages #2 and #3 are final.

On occasion Adrian Brambila will uniquely grant students of specific scenarios payment plans that are not listed on the sales page to be accommodating. All unique payment plans do NOT qualify for refunds.

Ecom Conquest

We offer 7 days refund policy from the day you sign up to try out Ecom Conquest for the Gold & Silver package.
For the Diamond Package there is no refund as there is weekly affiliate marketing training and a private community with much value and access from the moment you sign up.
Requesting a custom ad voids the refund policy.
If you would like to cancel your subscription please do so before 48 hours of the next billing cycle to avoid being charged again.